Our key technology is the low-cost blade coating fabrication of all-solution OLED based on small molecules. For the secondary lighting it is now dominated by LED with various colors. LED however fails to produce an elegant and pleasant feeling in general. It is a point light source, has sharp unnatural color, hot to touch, and harmful to the human eyes. On the other hand, OLED lighting has the advantages of being thin, flat, natural in color, and harmless to the eyes. OLED is made with various nice colors. The main application will be the design or decorative lighting in the night with elegant and nature feeling. By solution coating the cost can be in principle greatly reduced in comparison with the conventional vacuum evaporation for OLED. Such reduced cost makes the large-scale applications of OLED in living space possible.

In our team the research and production of OLED and OPV are based on the same technology platform and the experiences are mutually beneficial. Two active area sizes are typically made : 3 cm × 4 cm and 6 cm × 11.5 cm for OLED. Other sizes below 15 cm × 15 cm can be easily costume-made. Compared with the published scientific literature, we achieved the highest operation lifetime for all-solution OLED. Our large-area OLED is a single diode without any pixel and patterns inside, so the driving is rather simple and can be achieved by a converter or battery. No driving circuit is required. Such a simple large diode is very sensitive to defects which cause electrical short and burning, as one single burning point will cause the breakdown of the entire device. In our fabrication technology the electrically leaking defects are avoided

and no burning point appears after more than 2000 hours of continuous operation. In addition, our fabrication method causes the lowest material waste, and uses only small molecules with open chemical structures. We have both phosphorescent and fluorescent devices. The key technology of our team is listed below. They have been covered by more than ten patents.

  1. Large area coating method for organic semiconductors, conducting polymers, as well as ultrathin interlayers with high precision
  2. Device structure for OLED with high stability
  3. Simplified co-host OLED structure with east fabrication and improved stability






Our team currently uses a two-layer structure OLED, and there’s no electron transport layer in order to reduce the cost of large-area production. ​Since there is no electron transport layer, it makes the devices carrier unbalanced.


Therefore, our team dopes the electron-transporting and hole-transporting materials in the light-emitting layer, and the balance of the two materials​ can achieve the purpose of devices carrier balance.



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